Transportation Director

Dennis Jackson
Transportation Director


Welcome to the Transportation Department

                                                                                                                  Dennis Jackson

                                                                                                                       Dennis Jackson

                                                                                                      Transportation Director



Keith Ishmael, Lead Mechanic


Transportation Directory

GROUP 1 Routes

Mr. David Tincher, Bus 14

Morning Route- group 1 Starting at 6:45   ,Eastrin ave,Catherine ,Oriole,Mockingbird,Arnold Hts,Liberty,young,Ray,Young ,Main    Group 2   Starting at 7:20E North and Walnut ,Nicholas Square,School ave,Trueman,Archdeacon.E Main
Afternoon route- Group 1  Walnut,E North,Truman,Archdecon,Nicholas square.   Group 2  E Main,Eastrin Ave,Cathrine,Oriole,Mockingbird,Arnold Hts, Liberty.

Jackie Howard, Bus 6

Morning Route- -Millersburg then loop around CITGO –College St – Main St – Clark Estates- sugar and spice,law estates,carpenter pike,Lower Jackstown from Carpenter to 36 – sycamore-clifway-sycamore hill-sharon way-north-locust school
Afternoon route- then route reversed.

Robert Adamson Bus -4-20

Morning Route- Gravel Rd –  – Moorefield Road from Old Moorefield Bank curve to Bath Co. line – Tabors corner – Berry Lane – Whetstone Rd.- Scrubgrass. –   
Afternoon route- route is reversed.

, Bus 211 Stephanie Brady

Morning Route- Upper Lick Rd- Buzzard Roost- Milltown Rd- Dixie Hwy –Bethel Rd-Maple Grove Rd-Upper Lick Rd - .- to school.
Afternoon route- Route reversed.

Bus 1 Ricky Morris

Morning Route-Calcutta Rd-Buffalo Trace Rd-Saltwell Headquarters Rd-Brunker Pike-Saltwell Rd- New Johnson Rd-Saltwell to Barterville- Barterville Rd to US 68-Headquarters Rd to Headquarter’s Trailer Park –Concrete Rd - lake road-greenvalley app -school
Afternoon route – -  Headquarters Trailer Park a.



, Bus 24  Ricky Mcfarland

Morning Route-Cane Run Rd-Cassidy Creek to Locust Grove Rd-Locust Grove Rd-Watkins Lane- Dunn Rd-  -Adams lane-Myers Road
Afternoon route-route is reversed.

Mr. Chris Gillispie, Bus 70(Handicapped Bus)

Morning and Afternoon Route-Archdeacon St to Walnut St-Main St to North Broadway, Dorsey Ave, Lake Carnico pleasant springs

Mr. Wayne Shields, Bus 38

Morning Route-;Headquarters Rd (past trailer park) to Hooktown Rd-Hick Hardy Rd-ShadyNook Rd-Lester Rd-Morning Glory Rd-Bobtown Rd-Morning Glory Rd to Dogwalk Rd – Headquarters Rd – then to school
Afternoon route – route is reversed

, Bus 209 Ben Buckler

Morning Route- Crayton Creek Rd-Johnson Rd-Needmore Rd-Sugar Creek Rd-Rose Hill Rd- Crooked Creek Rd-Old Paris-school
Afternoon route-route is reversed.

Roy Mike Hawkins, Bus 19

Morning Route Ridgeland road-Upper Sharpsburg Rd-Lower Sharpsburg Rd – Convict Pk-Pisgah Rd-Owl Hollow Rd- East union road - then to school
Afternoon route – route is reversed.

, Bus 16 Kenneatha Clark

Morning Route – Ishmael Chapel Rd – Stoney Creek Rd – Scott Rd – Stoney Creek Rd to Persimmon Ridge Rd –  Broadway entering town to main-school
Afternoon route – route is reversed.

, Bus 48 Jacob Snapp

Morning Route – Bald Hill Rd – Suggs Rd – US 68 to Sugar Creek Rd past Allison’s Concrete – Hudnall Lane – Bald Hill Rd to Ritchie Rd – Mt Mariah Rd – old paris, Abners mill short stoney ,then school
Afternoon route – route is reversed




Mrs. ,  Sonia Mccarty  Bus2

Morning Route- Upper/Lower Concord-Jackstown Rd-Taylor’s Creek Rd- Oxbow Dorsey ave -liberty-ray-main from southern states to school market to be picked up at main
Afternoon route-route is reversed.