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Dennis Jackson
Transportation Director
859-289-3770 x2130

Keith Ishmael
Lead Mechanic
859-289-3770 x2138

Group 1 for NCES, Group 2 for NCMHS

Bus 70: Chris Gillispie (Handicap Bus) Jennifer McCord (Monitor)
Foxglove, Astor Ct, East Spring St, Liberty St, South Elem St, Catnip Ct, Columbine Dr,
Archdeacon St to Walnut St, Main St to North Broadway, Dorsey Ave, Lake Carnico, Pleasant Springs

Bus 14: David Tincher (Driver) Heather Tincher (Monitor) Town Bus
Trueman Ave, East Chestnut St, North St, Walnut St, Archdeacon Ave, School Ave, Old Gym,
Nicholas Square, (Moorefield Rd in town from Broadway to East End), Christi Ct

Bus 6: Gary Crawford(Driver) Katelin Mitchell (Monitor) 
Sycamore St, Sycamore Hill, Sycamore Hill Apt, Cardinal Ln, Second St, Robin St, Sharon Way, Miller
Lane, Law Estates, Miller Station, Pleasant Springs, Kissie Way, Sugar and Spice Daycare,
Millersburg loop around CITGO, Maysville Rd (toward Millersburg),College Street, Clark
Estates, Lower Jackstown from Carpenter Pike to 36, Track’s Restaurant

Bus 420:Robert Adamson (Driver) Sonya Purcell (Monitor)
Gravel Rd, Moorefield Rd from Old Moorefield Bank curve to Bath Co. Line, Tabors Corner,
Berry Lane, Whetstone Rd, Scrubgrass Rd, Baker’s Acres, West Main St

Bus 211: Stephanie Brady (Driver) Manuel Hunt (Monitor)
Upper Lick Rd, Buzzard Roost, Milltown Rd, Dixie Hwy, Bethel Rd, Maple Grove Rd, Upper Lick
Rd to school, Moorefield Rd(Railroad Tracks) to 57 at Moorefield Store, Mt. Zion

Bus 16: Keneatha Clark (Driver) Jayla Waugh (Monitor)
Hickory Ridge, Scott Rd, Short Stoney, Stoney Creek, Persimmon Ridge, Goose Creek, Mint
Ridge, Ishmael Chapel Rd, Scott Rd, Broadway entering town to Main St, Henryville, Public

Bus 38: Dustin Mitchell (Driver) Tiffany Morris AM (Monitor)
Headquarters Rd (past trailer park), Hooktown Rd, Shady Nook Rd, Lester Rd, Dogwalk Rd,
Walnut Grove Rd, Garnett Rd, Author Rd, Hick Hardy Rd, West Headquarters Rd, Bobtown Rd,
Morning Glory Rd, Cliffway Drive, LiveStock Building, Save-A-Lot, Sterling Health Building

Group 2 for NCES, Group 1 for NCMHS

Bus 24: Ricky McFarland (Driver) Becky McFarland & Bianica Black(Monitor)
Watkins Lane, Dunn Rd, Locust Grove Rd, Cane Run, Cassidy Creek Rd, Dunn Rd, Adams
Lane, Myers Road, Bretz Lane, Douglas Ct

Bus 48: Jacob Snapp (Driver) Angie Snapp (Monitor)
Bald Hill Rd, Mt. Moriah Rd, Suggs Rd, Abners Mill Rd, Maysville Rd, Ritchie
Rd, Allison’s Concrete, Old Maysville Rd, US 68 to Sugar Creek past Allison’s Concrete,
Hudnall Lane, Bald Hill to Ritchie Rd, Short Stoney, Blue Licks Store

Bus 1: Ricky Morris (Driver)David Crawford (Monitor)
Calcutta Rd, Buffalo Trace Rd, Saltwell Headquarters Rd, Brunker Pike, Saltwell Rd, New
Johnson Rd, Saltwell to Barterville, (Barterville to US68) Headquarter’s Trailer Park, Concrete
Rd, Lake Road, Green Valley Apartments

Bus 2: Sonia McCarty (Driver) Tracey Ishmael (Monitor)
Upper and Lower Concord Rd, Race St, Oxbow Rd, Dorsey Avenue, Upper Jackstown Rd,
Rayne St, High St, Morgan St, Twin Oaks, Sam Smith Lane, Taylor’s Creek Rd, Main St
from Southern States to School. Market Street must be picked up at Main St, DJ’S Auto
Old Armory for 4H

Bus 19: Mike Hawkins (Driver) Wanda Gaunce (Monitor)
East Union, Upper Sharpsburg, Lower Sharpsburg Rd, Richlan Rd, Ratliff Rd, Owl Hollow Rd,
Convict Pk, Pisgah Rd, Ray St, Long St, Little Sprouts DayCare, Randolph Ln

Bus 209: Steven Woolums (Driver) Brittany Morris (Monitor)
Johnson Rd, Rose Hill Rd, Sugar Creek, Barterville Rd, Needmore Rd, Cryton Creek, Crooked
Creek, Old Paris Road, Old 68, Elm St, West Mulberry, West North St, Locust St. Old Maysville
Rd, Oakland Mills

Group 3 “The Last Bus”

Bus 14: David Tincher (Driver) Heather Tincher (Monitor) Town Bus Morning
Afternoon Route: East Main, Eastern Ave, Catherine, Oriole, Mockingbird, Arnold Hights, Liberty
St, Young, DCBS Food Stamp Office, Clinkenbeard Ln., Pine View, Kennedy Hights